Coming up this weekend are two great BIG conventions here in Baltimore: Horrorfind and Otakon!

The whole cast of The Evil Dead, Puffy AmiYumi, Otaku Idol??

And speaking of geeky things, tonight, at the Golden West Bar (across the street), Buffy Night! Come by and gulp down a Slayer! Starts at 8pm.

(Oooo, and Darla [Julie Benz] will be at Horrorfind, too).


BaLtiMoRe_RoLL said…
So what happens at Buffy Night?
Rachel said…
What DOESN'T happen?

Actually, it's new. Tonight's the first night. Just hanging out and watching Buffy on the tv, with special drinks.
BaLtiMoRe_RoLL said…
Hm, intriguing. I know I can't make it tonight, but I definitely need to go in the future if they keep doing it.
Jen said…
Sounds like fun. I need a Buffy mentor to take my hand and guide me through the last six or seven seasons in 250 words or fewer, though. I've been meaning to rent some DVDs, but seven seasons of episodes seems so overwhelming. And then there's the irony into the Buffy fire during the last season. It's like suddenly deciding that being a ballerina is a viable career choice.
malice said…
Rachel, Is this a recurring event? If so I am fer sure there this weekend (28th) ~ and Jen: I'd be honored to be your Buffy-Mentor. I'm that much of a dork. - Mary Alice
Rachel said…
Every Sunday until Halloween!

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