Zine Library Opening Reception

October 13th is the opening for the zine collection at the Cockeysville Library (9833 Greenside Dr. in Cockeysville, near the intersection of York and Padonia Roads).

Starting at 6:30pm, local zinesters will be reading: China Martens, Sean Stewart, Davida Gypsy Breier, William P. Tandy, and Dan Taylor. Over 200 zines are available for check-out and refreshments will be served.


geekpunk said…

also kids dont forget ccas has a niffty little zine library focusing mostly only punk rock culture... we are also it apears the resting place for the toni joy zine collection.
jackie said…
sweet! are they taking donations? I've got a box ready to go SOMEwhere!
BCPL Zines said…
We are taking donations only on a very limited basis, since we want to pay people for their work as we do other library materials. But e-mail us at bcplzines@gmail.com to chat about it. Anyone else can write us there too or if they want to be added to our (low-volume) emailing list. Thanks!

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