We may be hosting some friends from NoLa in the coming months. But there are many people homeless right now and soon to be wandering.

It's still all completely overwhelming and the scope of the need is hard to grasp.

Another email from Kyle Bravo lists people heard from and safe, and this:

As for Hot Iron Press more than likely we will cease to function for quite some time, if not for good. It is almost certain that our house/studio and all of our equipment, presses, type, paper, tools, all of our artwork, and everything else we own are underwater, if the building is even still standing at all. Unfortunately, all of the distro stuff, artist's books, zines, etc, were also all left behind and are most likely destroyed as well.

The last couple days have been a blur of anxiety, sleeplessness, and national news coverage. I'm just now starting to shake off the initial shock of the whole thing and start to think about what we're going to do next. Jenny and I don't plan to stay in Alexandria for long. We're looking to hopefully leave within the next few days, but we have no idea where to go. Despite our house being inaccessible and probably destroyed we still have a mortgage to pay and only a very small amount of savings, so wherever we go we'll need to find work ASAP. If anyone has any leads for any jobs anywhere please let us know. At this point we're open to any ideas. We're willing to relocate anywhere, at least temporarily - Baton Rouge, Athens, Richmond, Texas, Boston, Philly, the moon? If anyone has an extra room or needs 2 refugee roommates let us know. The one catch we also have a dog.

UPDATE: If you've been having trouble donating to the Red Cross at the national site (I've tried for days), I called the local Red Cross and you can donate to the local site. It all ends up going to the same place.

UPDATE 2: Sorry about the bad link! It's replaced, but if you're interested in Poppy Z Brite's LJ (which is what the bad link was, ha!) I'll leave it up, too!


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