It's a busy Halloween week!

Here on the Avenue, we have our annual Halloween festivities this Saturday, 29th. Trick or treating up and down the street for the kids is from 5-6pm. Costume contests start at 6:30 in front of Oh! Said Rose (for more info: 410-235-5170).

Among many other events around town, the Charm City Roller Girls are having a Bruiser's Ball at the Ottobar on the 30th.

Speaking of balls...did you know that 80% of the men in Baltimore* shave their balls**? I don't know about you, but I feel enlightened.

*Source - my poll at Frazier's last night where I yelled at guys, "Hey, do you shave your balls?"

**If you ask this question, make sure that you are prepared for a very long discussion of other related topics and stories. Especially from Gene.

UPDATE: Ok, let's be more inclusive about this but possibly less scientific and take this poll.


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