The Norwegians Stood Us Up

So, after many phone calls and emails and faxing of contracts about Hurra Torpedo coming to Atomic to shoot part of their documentary, the band, which includes the Sexiest Man in Norway (and a loooong time Atomic Books customer), didn't make it to Baltimore yesterday. At all.

Still, funny guys. You should check out their cover of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" if you don't know what they're about.

Musicians are a difficult lot to work with.

Now writers, they're alright.

Sure the I'm-a-piece-of-shit-that-the-world-revolves-around persona gets tiresome...but they're a hell of a lot easier to work with than artists.

But what about artists with books? Or movie people? Or video gamers? Or chefs?

Hey, those are our November events!


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