Random Cute Pic Thursday

photo by Cat Mihos

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Our friend Cat Mihos was briefly working with Neil Gaiman recently and sent us this photo. Their outfits match, imagine that!

Cat makes these awesome retro pop culture magnets that we unfortunately can't sell online because they're all one of kind. But you can get them in the store.


eebmore said…
speaking of Neil Gaiman, why didn't I know that there was a Neil Gaiman written movie out there until I was on the Charles website today? I checked out Rotten Tomatoes for review of Mirrormask. Consensus seems to be that the movie is disappointing. It's only playing for a week here, and despite lackluster reviews, I don't think there is any way that I will be able to stop myself from checking it out.
Vegan Momma said…
Great Picture!
I have all of Neil Gaiman's books. A blogger introduced me to his writings.

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