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Our Man Josh

Remember Josh Slates?

He has a film, Ponkatsu Park, in the Maryland Film Festival on May 13th at the Charles Theater.

Look, the main character is reading Lulu Eightball as she sips her bubble tea!

Stephen Colbert Is A Funny Man

He is also very brave. And rich.

Farmer's Market

Hampden/Remington has their own Farmer's Market which starts next weekend at the new Mill Valley Garden Center on Sisson. And it's open four days a week!

Whiskey Island Pirate and Rose's Cookies will be there as well as other vendors and local farmers selling organic produce.

And all the gardening supplies are natural/organic at the Center as well! So good, and good for you.

Dogs Are Back In Town


Fushigi Circus

Curious, strange, mysterious...and sold out.

We have a FEW left.

But that is all.

Good Bye Punk Rock, Hello Luxury Hotels

Fells Point, 2006:

Open since 1990, Reptilian Records' building is for sale! But don't worry, they're just headed for greener pastures elsewhere.

Stikky Fingers, open since 1991, calls it quits!

And even the new darling Dangerously Delicious Pies is having their last event at their Fells Point location this weekend. They're also moving to a new undisclosed location.

And the Four Seasons breaks ground this Summer!

Happy Anniversary To Us

This weekend marks our 5th Anniversary on the Avenue, here in Hampden.


We love you all. Yes, even you. Ok, well, maybe not you.

For all of our customers with a Big Spender card, on May 6th, you'll get 10% off your purchases! Oh yeah, and it's also Free Comic Book day.

Here are some Heavy Metal Parking Lot ringtones.

So much love.

Reading Club Tonight

Did you finish Love & Rockets X? The Reading Club meets tonight at Fraizer's at 7pm to discuss it. It was better than Crash, right? Ok, yeah, that's not saying much.

Cheeta Torpeda

That's our Maggie. Skaters were bouncing off her like they were hitting a brick wall.

It's been months and months of dedicated men and women skating and planning and hashing out this new Roller Derby League and it was an awesome first exhibition bout with a sell out crowd.

It was a TON of fun.

Don't miss the next bouts in May and June!

Double Dutch

A new boutique just opened up right off the Avenue on Falls Rd (in the old EIEIO location for you Hampdenites, 3616 Falls Road for the rest of you), called doubledutch Boutique.

Leslie and Megan, the co-owners, have done a very purty job.

Trivia: Megan is married to that Brian Ralph dude.

Charm City Rollergirls

We are sold out of tickets, which does not mean the bout is sold out. But I'd go early on Sunday to make sure you get in!

Michelle Tea

Tonight, at 7pm, Michelle Tea is here to read from Rose of No Man's Land!

Smoking Babies

We just got a cease and desist order from Philip Morris for carrying this.

It seems that the cigarette package (which you can't see on our site, and which has now already been replaced by completely different faux cigarettes by the good people at Archie McPhee) is too similar to a brand of theirs and they don't want to be associated with smoking babies!

No, really, they don't.

UPDATE: Looks like they're hitting a bunch of people with the same letter. Someone's busy googling at Big Tobacco!

The Dream Team

The way I see it, we have nothing to lose going against Video Americain tonight at the Ottobar, for Name That Film.

They are a video store. We are a book store. No one expects us to win. But if we do, sweet.

Here's the team:
Scott Sugiuchi (our poster/design guy)
Davida Breier (zine reviewer for the site & ex-employee)
Neil Eber (on our label for his now DEFUNCT band, Chester Stacey. He's got some new band called Power Walker. But they refuse to play out. WEIRDO.)
That Benn Ray

I'm team captain! I'm off the hook! Hahahahahahaha!

Happy Easter

Nothing says Spring like Frank the Bunny.

Closed For Peeps

We will be closed this Sunday, April 16th. Enjoy you peeps!

APE '06

photo by Buenaventura Press

Jeffrey Brown and Renee French battle their Wolverines.


Tomorrow night, meet Sam Tracy at Atomic Books, 7pm! Go Team Atomic!

Next Year's Reading Club Idea

Maybe all the Penguin Graphic Classics? Or we vote on 6 of them.

We have some suggestions for Penguin for future artist/book combo ideas:

Jeffrey Brown/The Bell Jar
Adrian Tomine/The Great Gatsby
Tony Millionaire/Moby Dick
James Kochalka/The Sun also Rises
Dame Darcy/The Sound & The Fury
Jaime Hernandez/Little Women

Festival Check

There's always some confusion around this time. We get a lot of phone calls about the local festivals. Let's keep this straight:

Honfest is in June.

Hampdenfest is in September.

We don't have anything to do with the organizing of Honfest. DO NOT CALL US.

Here's a handy schedule of the coming Festival Season IN ORDER (a lot of festivals have changed weekends this year! This may be the first time you could actually do them all):

April The Intertribal Powwow
May The Sheep & Wool Festival
May The Maryland Film Festival
May Balticon
May SoWeBo Festival
June Honfest
July Artscape
August Otakon
August Horrorfind Weekend
September Baltimore Comic Con
September Hampdenfest
September Baltimore Book Festival
September (usually) High Zero Festival
October Small Press Expo
November Microcinefest

This is not a complete list by any means. Every neighborhood/school/block in this town has its own festival. There's a happening every night of the week.

Coveting Books For Their Covers

More of the Penguin Classics are coming in with the newcovers illustrated by some of indie comics best artists.

Now's a good time to pick these up if you don't already have them. Or maybe you need these, too.

Name That Film!

We're going head to head with Video Americain, this April 17th at the Ottobar!

Bring IT ON!

Ain't Gonna Play Sun City

Sadly, Metal 80s Night has been cancelled.

But look at what we dug up! This is from an 80s Night years ago. It was the end of the night, unrehearsed and many people were very drunk. Like Lisa when she reads comics.

Lisa Reads Comics

A discovery that came out of our last Reading Club discussion, is that Lisa has a talent for reading comics out loud. So we present to you a new feature of our blog, Audio Comix!

Experience the wonder of Lisa Reads Comics:

The future is now!

This month's book is Love & Rockets X!


We're selling tickets at the store and so are they.