Smoking Babies

We just got a cease and desist order from Philip Morris for carrying this.

It seems that the cigarette package (which you can't see on our site, and which has now already been replaced by completely different faux cigarettes by the good people at Archie McPhee) is too similar to a brand of theirs and they don't want to be associated with smoking babies!

No, really, they don't.

UPDATE: Looks like they're hitting a bunch of people with the same letter. Someone's busy googling at Big Tobacco!


Geoff said…
It's funny because the gist of this cease n' desist is: "Stop selling your product that doesn't cause cancer because it looks too much like our product that does, in reality, cause cancer."
Jen said…
Cease and desist, huh? Now you're big time. That's almost as good as when my friend got a cease and desist letter from Roy Orbison's estate for downloading Roy Orbison songs off Napster many moons ago.
Rachel said…
Oddly this is not our first cease and desist order. It is for this item though.
BCPL Zines said…
what were the others for?
Rachel said…
From Wiley, for a book called Sexual Lovemaking For Dummies.

Various things like that. Always for someone else's copyright infringements.
Benn said…
Evidently, the "For Dummies" can't be used by anybody but the "For Dummies" book people.
Jen said…
I wonder if you can get slapped with a copyright infringement if you're not a dummy but use "For Dummies" books. Or, if you are a dummy, I guess the book would have to self-destruct after you read it, alas, since you are no longer a dummy. Are you saying I can't change my name to For Dummies? Will I be reversed into antimatter with a thunderous pop! like a spelling bee character from Peanuts?

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