Being in retail means not really having a life or going anywhere this time of year, but that's what my blogroll is for - to visit far away places through other people and see what's what in the world:

Emily Flake has left the country! At least for the Winter. I hope they don't ask her to leave like the Bush Twins

Guam is so delicious! Or at least TSOGB makes it seem that way.

Glitter Pissing's crafty life in Seattle is always fun to read.

Life in NoLa marches on and my friend, B, reports on all things, universal and personal.

Visit the strange world of Warren Ellis! He's watching you.


r4kk4 said…
aw, rachel! you're too good to me! thanks so much!

hey, i'm gonna' be sending you a present for atomic books or pop soonish. or, you know, you could keep it for yourself! :D!

(sorry i can't be more specific about the time frame. these things are a bit labor intensive.)
Santos said…
hi rachel, thanks for the kind words! btw, i'm offering a bento starter kit as a prize for the menu for hope raffle--if you enter and win, i'll make it extra super special :)

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