The Wire Is So Awesome

Every other year or so, for a few months, my TV becomes a window into the city. A magic window where I get to be a fly on the wall from alleys to the Mayor's office.

The magic window is called The Wire and last night, I watched the Season Four Finale (in On Demand, it airs this coming Sunday) thinking that it was the last episode of the show. I was SO depressed this morning I actually cried (I know! Can you believe it? I'm not even hormonal right now). I knew this season would be a heartbreaker and it was.

But then I realized, wait, there's ONE MORE SEASON. I cheered up a little bit, but still, those kids..!

Slate interviews David Simon about the best show on television. Why is this show so incredibly awesome? Is it because so many of the show's writers are actually, you know, writers?


eebmore said…
This season, in retrospect, were the most gratifying 13 hours and 19 minutes I have ever spent watching a screen of any sort. It’s amazing to me how, as the seasons become slower, the ultimate payoff becomes all that more affecting. In the last 15 or 20 minutes, I felt myself almost buzzing. I’ve never felt anything like that observing any medium... and the writing just keeps getting better and better.
Bill Ballantyne said…
I can't wait to see the finale (our on-Demand is kaput right now because of a degraded signal). I too have been pleased with this season -- as former math teacher myself (but in nowhere near as desperate a situation), I could really appreciate so much of that particular storyline. I've been blown away by the kids -- casting that many really good child actors couldn't have been easy.

My only regret is that there hasn't been nearly enough Dominic West -- perhaps that will change now that the Major Crimes Unit is back in business.
Rachel said…
Yeah...I can't wait for Season 6!!!

Eeb: Buzzing? See, exactly like a drug! It's incredibly fun, but so devastating! Need more episodes...
Anonymous said…
It makes me mad that some of my friends don't watch this show. Mad!

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