Shank Reading Club 2007 - Firsts!

One of the issues we came up against when choosing our list of classic graphic novels last year was that a lot of titles we'd like to have put on the list weren't really stand alone books but part of a multi-volume series.

So for the New Year, we're going to explore first books from their respective series! But not only in the comic format - we're delving deep into genre fiction, where multi-volume epics and chronicles are the norm. I think you'll find that with all of the coming year's selections, these books all stray in interesting ways from their given "categories":

Jan - Baltimore Blues
Feb - The Golden Compass
March - Buddha V1: Kapilavastu
April - Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes
May - Neuromancer
June - Hellblazer: Original Sins
July - Cerebus
August - The Invisibles V1: Say You Want a Revolution
September - Liquor
October - The Ring
November - Lone Wolf & Cub V1
December - American Elf V1

We'll be meeting the last Wednesday of the month, as before, at atomic POP, 3620 Falls Rd, starting at 7pm. All books will be 15% for their month!


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