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Buffy's Late

The release date of Buffy has been pushed back a week. And so the Buffy Read-A-Long will be March 14th!

'Til Death Do Us Part

We have some free comics here for John Water's new show on Court TV. Debuts March 19th!

Buffy Read-A-Long

Season 8 of Buffy is coming out as comics, starting March 7th.

To celebrate, we're getting together across the street at the Golden West Bar, 8pm, to read the first issue together, drink Slayers (the drink, not the people - which will be on special) and maybe watch a few old episodes of the show.

Check back here for any changes or updates!

Dr Sketchy's Tour Hits POP

March 8th, over at atomic POP, Dr Sketchy's book signing and life drawing class starts at 7pm! My drawing classes were never this much fun.

Check out our upcoming events, with more to be announced in the next week.

Happy VD!


Buying Old Baltimore

Now is your chance to buy up some Baltimore history - auction style:

American Dime Museum
The Senator Theater

What next?

Sex and Comics

Nerve has an all comics special issue, with new work by Sophie Crumb, Paul Pope, special interviews and essays and sex advice from comic store clerks.

Can't wait for the sex advice from comic artists.

And also, an interview with John Waters.

His new CD will be available here, signed, after the 18th.

Love Is Donuts

Mmmmm, donuts. The New System Bakery has incredible donuts, as well as some special Valentine's treats.

But we also have some donuts that replace the calories with cuteness:

He Likes Him! He Really Likes Him!

I'm a shameless fan of Anthony Bourdain and his show No Reservations. He seems to be inviting writers on his show this season. Chuck Palahniuk I can understand, since he did a kind of travel guide, but Jerry Stahl? Does he eat?

Not really sure how I feel about that yet, but I definitely love it when he rags on the Food Network.

Though he likes our local show, Ace of Cakes:

THAT ACE OF CAKES GUY: Hey...He's got talent! And..he seems to be a trained chef! And he's really making food--and selling it in a real business! I think...I like it! If I have one reservation, it's that I have no idea if the stuff actually TASTES good.

Duff made us one to celebrate one of the store's Anniversaries:

It was delicious. Serious. (via lhb)

Blast From The Past

An old customer sent us this photo of his first ever internet purchase, which was for an Atomic Books tshirt, back in the day.

This year will be the 15th Anniversary of Atomic Books.

It's our 6th Anniversary here on the Avenue this Spring. Watch for more info about the celebration!

And thank you all for keeping us around.

Want A Date With John Waters?

John Waters' new compilation CD, A Date With John Waters, comes in this Tuesday (just in time for Valentine's Day). We'll have signed copies available shortly after that. While you wait, check out this special message from John.

Magnetic Wonder

Leave it to McSweeney's to harness the power of magnetism for publishing instead of evil.

Fan Mail

We still accept fan mail for John Waters at Atomic Books.

Today's pieces were especially good.

Harry Potter, The End

The last installment of the adventures of Harry Potter will be released on Saturday, July 21st. You can pre-order now.