He Likes Him! He Really Likes Him!

I'm a shameless fan of Anthony Bourdain and his show No Reservations. He seems to be inviting writers on his show this season. Chuck Palahniuk I can understand, since he did a kind of travel guide, but Jerry Stahl? Does he eat?

Not really sure how I feel about that yet, but I definitely love it when he rags on the Food Network.

Though he likes our local show, Ace of Cakes:

THAT ACE OF CAKES GUY: Hey...He's got talent! And..he seems to be a trained chef! And he's really making food--and selling it in a real business! I think...I like it! If I have one reservation, it's that I have no idea if the stuff actually TASTES good.

Duff made us one to celebrate one of the store's Anniversaries:

It was delicious. Serious. (via lhb)


I loved the Jeep cake they did last night!


Are you guys going to have Harry Potter for preorder? I'd rather give you my money than Amazon!

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