Friday Review - Smoker's Lounge

This week Benn read DUKE Magazine 1 & 2 by Raquel Welch & Emily Hunt:

Maybe Flight of The Conchords has given me a case of the Land Down Under-itis (yes, I realize the Conchords are from New Zealand and Duke is from Australia and, evidently, when Australians and New Zealanders are put into a room together, they will fight each other to the death unless stopped - much in the same way we Americans behave with Canadians), but I am obsessed with Raquel Welch. Not THAT Raquel Welch, although she's not bad either, but Duke Mag's Raquel Welch, and her partner Emily Hunt, too! Somewhere in between Cheap Date and Ben Is Dead lives Duke Magazine, a cultural zeitgeist (sorry, girls) of thrift shopping, quirky collecting habits, anti-fashion, artist and collector friends, etc. And in full color no less! They ask questions like Michael Jackson vs. Prince? They battle over who loves Bowie more. They create fake ads. They play dress up, a lot. Witty, compelling, and just downright fun.

[Note to Emily/Raquel: I understand that Australia is so conservative that it makes America look like a buncha hippies - but just for the record, Al Gore never claimed to invent the internet.]

Rachel read These Things Ain't Gonna Smoke Themselves by Emily Flake:

Ambivalence is the key and the appeal of this little book as Flake talks through the issues around the habit of smoking. There's no real conclusion or decision - the book is more like your little smoking buddy that you chat with outside the office. You're in this smoking thing together - all the joy and stupidity of it.

Lauren likes Smokey by Frank Kozik:

Smoking is bad, it's filthy, don't do it even if you like it. Why not buy a vinyl smoking cigarette instead? Smokey is 12 inches of smoking glory. As if being a cigarette isn't bad enough he's smoking too! It's a bad ass toy with a bad attitude. Tons of fun and not addictive. That's my kind of cigarette.


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