Big Xmas Finish

Still looking for just the right gifts even though you're beginning to panic?

Here's a few ideas:

1. The Dark Page - for the noir film and book buff, a beautifully produced coffee table book filled with exquisite oversized reproductions of all the first edition covers of the original title that was turned into a noir film.

2. Visionaire: Sound - for the music & art & lit & novelty fiend.

3. Cactus Pups - omg! sooooo cute! sooooo teeny! sooooo lead free!


4. Fart Party's not about farting. But most everyone gets over that initial disappointment and digs it. And we totally published it!

5. The Cinema Sewer book is out and it's awesome!

6. Julie Doucet says she doesn't make comics anymore. Whatever, 365 Days just came in and I can't wait to read it! I mean look at it.

7. You could have a Chris Ware Fest!

8. The Shank Movie is out on DVD - 89 Gator Mine! Benn plays a roadie in it and he's lookin' all David Crosby and is cussin and shit!

9. The Wire: Season 4! The 5th and last season starts in 2 weeks! I CAN'T WAIT!!

10. And finally, we have gift cards available for any denomination, and they're good for both Atomic Books and atomic POP!


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