Books We're Looking Forward To

The Accidental Billionaires
Looks like another page turner about Ivy Leaguers, by the author of Bringing Down the House. The story about the creation of Facebook seems to be filled with crazy scandal. Perfect summer reading, but is it all for real? Let me take the Facebook quiz...

The Book of Genesis
Crumb's illustrative eye for the perverse is the perfect match for the Old Testament. I can't tell what I'm more excited about - to see the Zap Comix creator's take on the Bible or to see how the religious right responds to it.

The Art of Tony Millionaire
Tony Millionaire's devotion to all things old timey and his attention to detail make him one of my favorite artists. Although I love laughing at Uncle Gabby and Drinky Crow's perpetual drunken misfortune, there's more to Millionaire's work than the alcoholic crow and horndog monkey.


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