June Baltozine Roundup

Keeping track of new magazines (etc.) that come in that talk about Baltimore stuff. For more on, by, or about Baltimore-area artists, check out the following issues below.

Mojo #188
Double Dagger - More (3 stars)
"Splitting the difference between Minutemen and Fugazi, the guitar-less Baltimore agit-punks rattle through an infectious third album they self-recorded in an abandoned office space. Overheated vocalist Nolen Strals and drummer Denny Bowen keep the tempo high while Bruce Willen's wandering bass shows how four strings can do the work of six." -Manish Agarwal

The Death Set - Rad Warehouses To Bad Neighborhoods (4 stars)
"Whereas the Ramones boiled classic pop right down, The Death Set burn it onto the bottom of the pan with their Suicide-like synthetic drums, buzzsaw guitars, samples and feral playground chants. These 23 short blasts in 43minutes also bring to mind the brevity of Wire circa Pink Flag. It's toxic but irresistible and full of hooks..." -Mike Barnes

The Big Take-Over #64
The Seldon Plan - Lost And Found And Lost
"...it's nevertheless delightful to see this Baltimore foursome's continued maturation. Which is to say they were already satisfying as a post-Dischord-y emo-ish band, but this new slant towards more ringing guitar, delicate sonics, and quickening indie pop adds extra sparkle and shine. ..." -Jack Rabid

Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
"... What it offers is Technicolor, day-glow symphonic flourishes and rococo, Beach-Boys-esque harmonies that cohere into absolutely stunning songs. ..." -John Everhart

Wilderness - (k)no(w)where
"...exquisitely realized avant-garde rock, redolent of the early '90s halcyon days of Chicago post-rock. ..." -John Everhart

Edie Sedgwick - Things Are Getting Sinister And Sinisterer
"... It's a deep concept, no doubt, but how it works so, so well is that it's all put to incredibly infectious music for punks to dance to." -David Obenour

Arbouretum - Song Of The Pearl
"... Heumann and co-picker Steve Strohmeier stir up excellent storms of fiery guitar, but never eschew tunefulness, and Heumann's songs stick firmly to the ribs." -Michael Toland

Signal To Noise #54
There is a profile of Pontiak in this issue.
"... They'd all played in bands before. But Baltimore showed them that they could make mostly anything and find an audience." -Grayson Currin


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