Moon Baltimore - That Is Not A Command

This Friday, come see Geoff Brown's awesome power point presentation! Here! At Atomic Books! For Moon Baltimore - a guide to our fair city!

City Paper says:

OK, so sure, Geoff Brown was the editor of Baltimore magazine for a long time, he's been repping the city as a freelance writer for a while now, and he even lives here, but where the heck does he get off writing a guide book to The Greatest City in America? What separates him from all the other carpetbaggers who come down, eat a crab cake at the Inner Harbor, declare us the most loveliest place in America, and then skedaddle back to New York or D.C. or something? Well, Brown once co-wrote and performed in something called The Giant Clam: A Rock Opera at the Ottobar, and if that ain't something only a Baltimorean would dream up, then John Waters is Canadian. Go to Atomic Books and meet someone who knows more about the city than you do.



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