Required Reading: Ellen Kennedy's Poetry

Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs
by Ellen Kennedy

I am usually loathe to recommend books of contemporary poetry to people. Partly because it's such a deeply personal experience, it's tricky. Partly because no one ever asks me to recommend poetry. But mostly because I just don't want to encourage people. Most of the people who read poetry are frustrated poets themselves. In the interest of full-disclosure, that includes me too. I have a moldy, over-stuffed folder of my college work in a box labeled "Open only in the event of my death, and probably best to not even open then." But Ellen Kennedy is one of those rare poets - she's personable, witty, funny, charming, accessible, and with titles like "Probably Going To Die Alone", "Ants Can Never Die By Falling", "I Went To The Grocery Store Today", "My Dog Is A Little Obese" you know these are poems that we can all relate to - the kind that frequently make you spit food out of your mouth laughing if you read them while eating.


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