Baltimore TV

I'd been waiting for last night's episode of No Reservations ever since I heard that Bourdain was in town a few months ago. I have to say that I was a little disappointed by it but here's Bourdain's take on the episode, which he posted on his blog, which I completely agree with:

"I think that troubled cities often tragically misinterpret what's coolest about themselves. They scramble for cure-alls, something that will 'attract business', always one convention center, one pedestrian mall or restaurant district away from revival. They miss their biggest, best and probably most marketable asset: their unique and slightly off-center character. Few people go to New Orleans because it's a 'normal' city -- or a 'perfect' or 'safe' one. They go because it's crazy, borderline dysfunctional, permissive, shabby, alcoholic and bat shit crazy -- and because it looks like nowhere else. Cleveland is one of my favorite cities. I don't arrive there with a smile on my face every time because of the Cleveland Philarmonic.

I arrived in Baltimore apprehensive. I left a fan. And in case you're wondering, blue crabs were out of season."

And another reason to love Mad Men (with all its Baltimore references) - the season opens in Baltimore!

And hey, Zurawik, Baltimore already looks good on prime time tv on Ace of Cakes (which just started their latest season a couple of weeks ago).


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