July Baltozine Roundup

Keeping track of new magazines (etc.) that we get in which talk about Baltimore stuff. For more on, by, or about Baltimore-area artists, check out the following issues below.

Under The Radar #27
Wye Oak - The Knot (7 out of 10 Stars)
"...Wye Oak has taken a more aggressive stance throughout the album, not merely in the production choices. ... The Knot displays the a band more confident of itself and its powers." -Jim Scott

Double Dagger - More (7 out of 10 Stars)
"For only being three guys playing two instruments, Baltimore's Double Dagger can sure make a lot of racket. Although all three members happen to be art school students, More (their sophomore release) skips sonic experimentation for a sound that wouldn't feel out of place with some of D.C.'s best hardcore." -David C. Obenour
(corrections - More is Double Dagger's 3rd record (1. self-titled, 2. Ragged Rubble 3. More, not their sophomore release. They are not art school students. Bruce and Nolen make up the awesome graphic design firm Post Typography. -Ed.)
Giant Robot #60
Double Dagger - More
"... The power trio's music recalls certain Amphetamine Reptile bands of yesteryear, and I can see Double Dagger being one of the hottest bands in Baltimore. ..." -Eric Nakamura

Blurt #2
Wye Oak - The Knot
There is a small profile piece about Wye Oak and their much anticipated upcoming record, The Knot.
"... Songs like 'Take It In' and 'Mary Is Mary' with their dark melodies and foreboding tone, sound as if they belong on a My Bloody Valentine record, while others, like 'Tattoo' and 'Talking About Money' are simple country hymns built on top of a massive wall of sound. ..." -Scott Dudelson

Rye Rye is featured in a pin-up/photo/fashion spread.
"Barely legal rapper Rye Rye likes shaking it to the ground, spitting Baltimore slang, hanging out with M.I.A. and wearing colors bold enough to scar your retinas." -Roxana Hadadi

Death & Taxes #20
Double Dagger - More (3 out of 5 stars)
"Double Dagger boasts the most traditionally punk aesthetic of all the emerging DIY duos and trios that comprise the burgeoning lo-fi noise rock movement. ..." -Brian Merchant

Both Wye Oak and Double Dagger (along with a giant list of Baltimore bands) will be playing at Wham City's Whartscape festival that starts today and runs through Sunday.


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