Kindlenfreude - the unexpected joy when hearing bad news about the Kindle (thanks, Geoff!)

I admit it. It's been fun.

The New Yorker

The New York Times

Information Week

The LA Times

The Guardian


Jürgen said…
Hate to go all German on you, and it's cute and all, but "Kindlefreude" just means the joy of the Kindle. Afraid you'd have to go with Kindleschadenfreude.
Rachel said…
Haha! I knew someone would get technical!

I thought about Kindleschadenfreude to get more authentic but it's such a mouthful already!

"Kindle" already has an "adversity, harm" connotation for me anyway.
Goff said…
"Proper German grammar does not a funny make." -Old Bavarian proverb
Jürgen said…
In that case, the only way out is the way forward. I nominate Elektrokindlebuchmaschinenschnitzelfreude.
Goff said…
"Now THAT is a fucking funny!" - Old Schwabian proverb

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