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Dr. Sketchy's Tonight @ The Wind-Up

Dr Sketchy's in Baltimore hits the Windup Space tonight.

Featuring model Deviana Fox.


$7 cover.

Win prizes!

Sponsored by Atomic Books.

Disney Buys Marvel

Talk Like Warren Ellis

Small Press Expo 2009

Poster for SPX, originally uploaded by featherbed. Sept 26th and 27th!


SPXPLOSION09, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Sept 5th, starting at 7pm, is another pre SPX blow out party!

We've got a great line up of artists who'll all be doing a little song and dance number (or you know, Power Point presentations) and it's an Atomic Book Company book release party for the new Lulu Eightball V2 and Fart Party V2!

Hey look, here's an interview with Emily Flake on today's Antiheroines.

Artist Journal 3 - Daniel Higgs

artistjournalv3, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Just in!

The Artist Journals is an ongoing, limited edition small book series, focusing on the inseparable connection between music and art.

Hamdpenfest 2009 Entertainment Line Up

Chock full of goodness!

But alas, no Hampden Idol this year. Let us take a moment to remember Spidey doing "Spill the Wine":

Hampdenfest 2009 Band Schedule

Aural States has a preview of the band line up for Hampdenfest 2009 posted!

Smorkin' Labbit Fans

photo by Cole & Cris

We love Smorkin' Labbits and we love fans of Smorkin' Labbits.

A couple of fans had a weekend adventure (and we were on their map) taking their labbits on the road here in Baltimore/DC.

Dunny 2009 Trading Party

dunny2009, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Hey! New Dunny series!

We'll be having our usual trading party with raffles for prizes and refreshments! Come on down, bring toys of any kind to trade or show off!

This new series looks like it's chock full of the artists' most iconic imagery. Here's the checklist!

Book Haters

In the debates about the Kindle and the future of books and the drama involved in publishing and the book biz...we get so worked up that we forget that most of the world is pretty indifferent or even hostile towards books.

Futurama Toy Series

bender, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. KidRobot's new Futurama Mini Series are available now!

Mad Men Fever

weirddejavu, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. I've got it! Can't wait for Season Three of Mad Men, which airs this Sunday! In the mean time I'm findingbooks to keep me in the Mad Men Mood.


domoqee, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Domo Qees are finally here! Collect them all!

Psst! You With The Zine. Get It Reviewed

Xerography Debt - the review zine written by zinesters, is looking for zines to review for future issues.

Got a zine? Why not get it reviewed? See what your peers think. Become a part of the larger zine community.

Send copies to:
Davida Gypsy Breier
PO Box 11064
Baltimore, MD 21212 USA

Xerography Debt #25 is now in stock at Atomic.

The Book Vs The Kindle

Round 5 is my favorite so far (from Green Apple Books). Fuel for the Kindlenfreude.

Inherent Vice's Inherent Virtue?

Despite the cover, despite the premise, despite the trailer, I still really want to read Pynchon's new Inherent Vice. Despite the title too. And it's been years since I've felt that way about Pynchon. Hm. Maybe it's not despite these things at all, maybe it's BECAUSE of these things.

Oh, I get it. Typical Pynchon. Nice!

Awesome Illustrated Characters From The Wire


Dr. Sketchy's at the Wind Up Space

Dr Sketchy's in Baltimore has moved to the Windup Space and it's still as awesome as ever.

John Waters Excerpts On The HuffPo #1

John Waters' new book, Role Models, is due out from Farrar, Straus and Giroux in 2010.

In the meantime, The Huffington Post is running 5 excerpts.

#1 - Leslie Van Houten: A Friendship, Part 1 of 5
"The Manson Family" were the hippies all our parents were scared we'd turn into if we didn't stop taking drugs. The "slippies", as Manson later called his followers, the insane ones who didn't understand the humor in Yippie Abbie Hoffman's fiery speeches on his college lecture tours when he told the stoned, revolutionary-for-the-hell-of-it students to "kill their parents". Yes, Charlie's posse were the real anarchists who went beyond the radical SDS group's call to "Bring the War Home". Beyond blowing up their parents' townhouses, draft boards, even the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Sure, my friends went to riots every weekend in different cities in the '60s to get laid or get high, just like kids went to "r…

Kitchen - August Reading Club Pick

This month for Reading Club, we're reading Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto.

Discussion will be the last Wednesday of the month, here at Atomic, 7-9pm!

Hampdenfest 2009

Hampdenfest09, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Hampdenfest is September 12th!

There's still space for vendors and the entertainment info will be updated shortly.

Knowing The Price of Everything And The Value Of Nothing

Mobylives gives a smack upside the head to our Sun Paper.

The paper offers up some meager alternatives, but they neglect to look at the real economics of the situation. By not eating out, buying books, or taking your car to the car wash, in the long run you're hurting the local economy, of which you are a part. What if your livelihood is as a bookseller? What happens when the local independent bookstore shuts down? The economy will turn around, but right now it is important to both save and spend.

The article instead speaks volumes about the state of the particular newspaper: instead of running an informative, intelligent article on smart ways to be savvy with your money during a recession, the paper throws together a mishmash of "suggestions" in as many pictures as words. The Sun, a local business in dire financial straits itself, should be more self-conscious.