Knowing The Price of Everything And The Value Of Nothing

Mobylives gives a smack upside the head to our Sun Paper.

The paper offers up some meager alternatives, but they neglect to look at the real economics of the situation. By not eating out, buying books, or taking your car to the car wash, in the long run you're hurting the local economy, of which you are a part. What if your livelihood is as a bookseller? What happens when the local independent bookstore shuts down? The economy will turn around, but right now it is important to both save and spend.

The article instead speaks volumes about the state of the particular newspaper: instead of running an informative, intelligent article on smart ways to be savvy with your money during a recession, the paper throws together a mishmash of "suggestions" in as many pictures as words. The Sun, a local business in dire financial straits itself, should be more self-conscious.


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