We're Back!

aceofcakessigning, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

Whew, the blog is live again, but not quite updated. You'll notice that some of the archives aren't working right now, but we should be correcting that very soon.

It's been a crazy few weeks for us here - after launching our new site our email was down for several days and then we had this little event for the Ace of Cakes book (you may have heard of this cable network show? Did you see Duff on Oprah yesterday??).

The line went down the block and around the corner...in the rain.

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Here was Charm City Cakes' take on that day.

The event may be on the next season of Ace of Cakes!

So we're slowly but surely getting back in the groove around here. Feel free to email/IM/call us if you experience anything odd with online ordering or with any questions at all!


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