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Holiday Hours - On The Other Side of Xmas

We'll be open this week:

Mon-Wed - 11am-7pm
New Year's Eve - 11am-6pm
New Year's Day - CLOSED

See you at the Ball Drop on 34th Street! There are plenty of parties all up and down the Ave after midnight as well, so you don't have to drive far.

Xmas Traditions

NorwegianXmas, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Some of our favorite things about this time of year are the rituals people have. The traditions. The sort of things that the holidays just wouldn't be the same without.

For example, each Christmas (this is the 5th consecutive one) Atomic's newest family member Dina complies her annual Baltimas mix as a free download over at Wham City.

And Jan Bruun sends us his annual EI HEIMEBRENT JUL Christmas CD all the way from Norway. This is volume 8! That's right, volume 8!!!

We look forward to these things and more (like all the snacks people drop by for us to help keep us going through the grueling holiday hours) every year.

Thank you all for doing what you do! It just wouldn't be Christmas without it!

Happy holidays!


Hello Boy Hellkitty 3, originally uploaded by tenguhime. After this crazy disaster of a weekend, spotting this online made me smile.

Art saves!

Santa Is Here

santa, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Santa is here today and tomorrow walking around the Avenue!


Yes, we are here and we are open! Not sure for how long but at least until early afternoon or so.

The Golden West Cafe, In Watermelon Sugar, Falkenhan's Hardware, Kiss & Make Up and other stores are open or opening as well.

But if you'd rather not be out and about, we understand. You can always peruse online and just write in the comments that you'd like your books to be held for pick up and we'll waive the shipping fee or you can even just choose Money Order as the payment option and pay for items at pick up.

If there's anything you don't see online you can always IM or email us to check on stock and availability.

ETA: We'll be closing at 4pm! We'll be open tomorrow!


barart, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Supposedly, there may be some snow tomorrow. Or maybe not. Weather forecasting is still a primitive science, it seems.

But no matter what, we'll be open! Because that's the great thing about living and working in your own neighborhood. Most of us can just walk and go on with our lives and get this Xmas thing done right. And if you're not from this hood, getting stranded in Hampden is sure to be a good time.

Kiss & Make Up, up the street, may have drinks if it snows.

(The photo above was during a snow storm where a bunch of us were hunkered down in the Golden West Cafe, just drawing on coasters.)

Holiday Hours

booksmakegreatpresents, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. This Friday and Saturday we'll be open from 10am-9pm!

Sunday - 10am-6pm
Mon-Wed - 10am-8pm
Christmas Eve - 10am-6pm
Christmas Day - CLOSED

Remember, books make great presents! Unlike techie presents that become obsolete in a year (or less), books are timeless.

Also, this weekend, Santa will be roaming around Hampden. So bring the kids and your camera. I also hear there may be snow, so that's extra Xmasy!

8 Days Until Xmas!

xmasdomo, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. We still keep getting new stuff in every day! Not to freak you out but stuff is selling out every day and not coming back until after the holidays.

Sorry, but looks like the new McSweeney's won't be in until Jan now! The on the street demand in San Francisco was pretty high and they sold out of it before they could ship any to stores.

Nothing like one month old news for 2010! At least the comics section won't be stale.

Holiday Picks

texturedseasonsgreetings, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

It's that gift-giving season and we've got tons of things in the store and some items still coming in this following week that would make perfect presents for everyone you know.

The Recently Deflowered Girl: The Right Thing to Say on Every Dubious Occasion -
Back in print and still full of the best advice.

Around the World with Mouk -
A travel/adventure-themed kid's book with a cushion-y cover. This is exactly the sort of book I could stare at for hours. The illustrations are gorgeous. Plus, STICKERS!

Bicycle Diaries -
David Byrne likes to ride around the cities of the world on a bicycle. Here he compiles his travels into a book. Perfect for Talking Heads fans, bicycle fans and travelers. Being behind the handlebars can lead you to very interesting places, both geographically and intellectually.

Snow Yak Postcard Microportfolio -
This postcard microportfolio contains 17 images from Mark Ryden's acclaimed Japanese Snow…

Dream Holiday Guide

I had a dream last night that I was making our Holiday Picks List and I was going around the store and jotting stuff down and thinking, "This is an awesome list!"

Of course, when I woke up, I realized that none of these books actually exist:

Holidays On Rice: The Curry Christmas Cookbook
Howard Zinn For The Holidays - Howard Zinn shares his favorite Christmas memories
The Illuminati Cookbook: Recipes They Don't Want You To Know
Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze Present: Banjos & Books
The Anarchists Guide To Knitting - more than just molotov cocktail cozies
Structurally Unsound: The Guide To Safe and Clean Hoarding
Bloody Drunk: Cocktail Recipes for Vampires
The Erotic Claus: Steamy Tales from The North Pole

Stay tuned for our REAL Holiday list.

First Friday - WYPR's The Signal

At Noon today, on WYPR's The Signal, Benn will be talking about local authors and artists and their latest publications:

Post Typography's Lettering & Type (and their 2010 calendar)
An updated edition of Dance of Days
Sab Grey's Hated and Proud
Kevin Sherry's Acorns Everywhere
Shaun Flynn and Dan Higgs from the Artist Music Journal Series

And tonight on the Ave, it's First Friday! Tons of events and sales going on up and down the street and we'll be open late, so come out and get started on your holiday shopping.

Mayor's Christmas Parade

underdog, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. This Sunday is the annual Christmas Parade that comes down Falls Rd and onto the Avenue. It's the only Holiday parade still going on in the city this year because it's funded by the community and merchants (not the city). It's one of the craziest parades ever.

Starts at 2pm!