Holiday Picks

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It's that gift-giving season and we've got tons of things in the store and some items still coming in this following week that would make perfect presents for everyone you know.

The Recently Deflowered Girl: The Right Thing to Say on Every Dubious Occasion -
Back in print and still full of the best advice.

Around the World with Mouk -
A travel/adventure-themed kid's book with a cushion-y cover. This is exactly the sort of book I could stare at for hours. The illustrations are gorgeous. Plus, STICKERS!

Bicycle Diaries -
David Byrne likes to ride around the cities of the world on a bicycle. Here he compiles his travels into a book. Perfect for Talking Heads fans, bicycle fans and travelers. Being behind the handlebars can lead you to very interesting places, both geographically and intellectually.

Snow Yak Postcard Microportfolio -
This postcard microportfolio contains 17 images from Mark Ryden's acclaimed Japanese Snow Yak Show. Beautiful and creepy. And as is the case with anything by Mark Ryden - very desirable!

Magic: 1400s-1950s -
This one will impress. And may require 2 people to carry. But then, there's a lot to see/show since it covers more than 500 years of the dazzling visual culture of the world's greatest magicians. Featuring more than 1,000 rarely seen vintage posters, photographs, handbills, and engravings.

McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Volume 33: The San Francisco Panorama -
To call this the publishing event of the season is an understatement. McSweeney's proves that not only is print not dead, neither are newspapers, with this magnificent periodical. The comics section alone makes this a must have.

The Mighty Book of Boosh -
A quirky, weird and magical book - just like the TV show that spawned it. It makes us want to crimp! Incredibly funny, visually dynamic, surreal, musical, and wildly creative, The Mighty Boosh is unlike anything else on television, and this beautifully illustrated humor book promises to be the same.

Merry Christmas, Even If You Don't Buy This Book -
These postcards express how we really feel about the holiday season.

The Unknown Portraits -
From a found photo album unearthed in a Venice Beach thrift shop, Kozy Kitchens was inspired to create imagined personae documenting the essence of these lost photographs. A short story accompanies each exquisite illustration.

M Is For Metal!: The Loudest Alphabet Book on Earth -
Indoctrinate your kids to the awesomeness of Metal as soon as you can! As amusing for adults as it is for kids.

Obsolete: An Encyclopedia of Once-Common Things Passing Us -
You know, like books.

Momofuku -
Make your own ramen! Just once is enough, though.

Munnyworld Figures -
Munnys have expanded their world! Get to know them and start thinking about what you might enter for our upcoming Spring exhibit - Vinylmore 3 - Vinylmore, Munnyland!

And here are some mini cupcakes from the Golden West Cafe, up the street.



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