Susi Wyss & Glen Retief Book Event

This Thursday, May 26, as part of our Atomic Fiction Series, authors Susi Wyss and Glen Retief will be reading from and signing new copies of their books. 

Susi's The Civilized World follows five women in The Ivory Coast as they face meddling mothers-in-law, unfaithful partners, and the lingering aftereffects of racism, only to learn that their cultural differences are outweighed by their common bond as women. With vibrant prose, Susi Wyss explores what it means to need forgiveness—and what it means to forgive.  .

Glen's The Jack Bank is an extraordinary, literary memoir from a gay white South African, coming of age at the end of apartheid in the late 1970s. Retief's childhood was at once recognizably ordinary--and brutally unusual. Retief writes movingly of the complicated emotions and politics in this punitive all-male world, and of how he navigated them, even as he began to realize that his sexuality was different than his peers'.

The event is free and starts at 7PM.

Hosted by Kathy Flann.

As always, adult refreshments will be served.


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