Father's Day Picks

Father's Day is coming up quick, so we thought we'd take a moment to put together a list of gift suggestions for dads because what do dads love more than books?

1. The Big Book Of Breasts 3D by Dian Hanson
This book is exactly what it sounds like. It's a large art book of glorious breasts, in 3D. And it includes glasses. But don't worry if dad loses them, the photos don't look distorted without the glasses.

2. Retro Lovely Magazines
Okay, if the The Book of Breasts is a little too risque for your dad, but you think he'd still enjoy some pin-up style fun, Retro Lovely Magazine is the perfect gift. Each issue is more like a book than a magazine - all perfectly bound, ad free, on high glossy paper.

3. The Practical Pyromaniac by William Gurestelle
Yes, all dads love to build things. And they love fire too. So this book is a two-for-one special - a series of DIY, fire-related projects that anyone with power tools can handle. Seriously - two words: "fire tornadoes".

4. The Bearded Gentleman by Allan Peterkin / Nick Burns
Just because he's a dad doesn't mean he should let himself go. The Bearded Gentleman provides pointers for a lot of facial hairstyles. It's the perfect way of telling dad, c'mon, time to try on a new look.

5. Home Brew by Doug Rouxel / Sara Paston-Williams
Dads love to drink. Enterprising dads love to make their own drinks. This book has over 90 recipes from Pilsners to Mead.

6. Old Man Drinks by Robert Schnakenberg
Well, some people's fathers prefer the hard spirits. And this book is so ideal in several ways - first it's a collection of no nonsense cocktail recipes - the kind your grandfather used to drink - and it comes riddled with advice from old men.

7. The Big New York Sandwich Cookbook by Sara Reistad-Long / Jean Tang
What's dad's favorite food? Yes, yes. Meat. But what else? Sandwiches. Dad can eat his way through this book of magnificent sandwiches, and he'll have a great time doing it.

8. Cop Stories by Dick Ellwood
This collection of true stories comes from a real former Baltimore City cop. Ellwood's stories are of his time serving on Baltimore's mean streets from 1965-1990. Trust us, dads love cop stories.

9. Bad Ass: The Birth Of A Legend by Ben Thompson
No matter the type of dad we're dealing with here, the chances are very good that he likes things that are bad ass! It's a catalog of badasses from Thor to Moby Dick to Dirty Harry Callahan.

10. A Moment In The Sun by John Sayles
This beautiful, nearly 1000-page epic deals with coal-miners, boxers, and more. It's cover is inlaid with shiny gold and silver ink, and all our copies come signed by author and director John Sayles (Lonestar, Eight Men Out, etc.).

11. Go The Fuck To Sleep by Adam Manbasch / Ricardo Cortes
And finally - a new classic in kid's books for grownups - this is the perfect gift for new fathers. They can read it along to children who won't go to sleep like they're supposed to.


mamadoc said…
Benn you have seriously just solved my Father's Day dilemma. Not sure it's entirely responsible for me to encourage the father of my children to build a fire tornado, but hey - you only live once! Maybe briefly.

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