Best Writers Of Baltimore

Baltimore Magazine's Top 5 Best Writers of Baltimore - John Waters, Laura Lippman, Madison Smartt Bell, Michael Kimball and Stephen Dixon. We've been lucky enough to have 4 out of these 5 at Atomic in the past year for their awesome books.

Laura, you're invited to join us any time!


Hilary A said…
John Waters is an awesome writer. I'll never forget sending him a fan letter about his article in National Lampoon Magazine, circa 1985 or so about "Why I Love Christmas". He sent me back a postcard with a Squeaky Fromme stamp postmarked Baltimore, of course. I also sent him a gross little rat yoyo from Mexico, thinking he would love it and he did. I keep another promo postcard advertising Crackpot over my desk, in which he responds to a request that he play in a cameo role of the screenplay I was writing, in case it ever got turned into a film. He wished me luck and to break a leg. What an awesome guy, and I haven't even touched on his "delightful" films!! I am a fan to few, but this special John is on the top of my list!

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