Jacket & Sleeves Art Show

Isn't it interesting that art tied to records are forever, no matter how many printings there are, it's always the same cover. Yes, sometimes there are anniversary printings with maybe some added graphics, etc, but essentially, mostly, these images are iconic and intertwined with the music and the band's image for a good long time.

Book jackets, on the other hand, change with the seasons. Hardcover to paperback, special editions, new editions, new printings may all have their own completely new art. Now some do stay the same and are tied with the book for decades, but most, do not. Can you think of any iconic book jackets? There are a few. Maybe childhood favorites. Images that have stayed with you all this time because it was the first one you saw for that book.

Now that most of us download our music or have started to download books, images and covers aren't as associated with a concrete object. What does this mean? What does this mean for artists? It's just something fun or depressing to think about, but since these jackets and sleeves have meant so much to us, we decided it would be fascinating to see the results of asking some artist friends about their favorite books and records and how they would redo or "cover" their favorites. Thus the Jackets and Sleeves Art Show.

We made a Facebook Group if you're interested in joining us, but space is limited. Opening is October 7th! And it's a one night show! Many more details to come.

ETA: The group is now closed! Sorry, it filled up fast. But we'll have a waiting list, and who knows, maybe this could turn in to an annual event..


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