Baltozine Roundup - Early September

Keeping track of new magazines (etc.) that we get in which talk about Baltimore stuff. For more on, by, or about Baltimore-area artists, check out the following issues below. 

Mojo Magazine #215
Mojo has a 1 page profile of Future Islands.
"...This conflict between new wave stoicism and uninhibited emotional outpouring is the bloodline of Future Islands. Coming from the same Baltimore art-party scene as previous MOJO Rising star Dan Deacon, their 2008 debut Wave Like Home was a half-hour punch of bold, fraught electronic pop. But following the departure of drummer Erick Murillo, the trio moved away from warehouse wig-outs in favour of something more graceful and moving. The result was 2010's In Evening Air. All melancholy synth drones, New Order beats  and elegant ruminations on personal tragedy.... their upcoming album, On The Water ... finds a greater tenderness than its predecessor. The densely layered songs are given more breathing space, recalling early OMD and Joy Division in their quiet, pregnant intensity and danceability. ..." -Sonny Baker

Beer Magazine #21
In a ranking of Top 51 Beers, Frederick, MD's Flying Dog Coffee Stout Batch 2 came in #3 with an overall rating of 98.
"This beer is dark as night, smells just right, and drinks like a good cup of coffee. It pours into the glass and removes the light from the room. The head is like a nice caramel. The aroma gives you a wonderful biscotti-like profile... the flavor is less coffee than the label suggests, but it's still a treat for your taste buds..."

Maximum Rocknroll #340
A review of Pulling Teeth's Funerary LP.
"...I liked the first handful of songs, that are a nice mix of classic metalcore with a stronger lean towards melodic death metal guitar shredding, but I just don't have the patience for the doom-y stuff." -Justin Briggs


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