Hairy Baltimore

This weekend is the Baltimore Book Festival. And there are a lot of very exciting things going on over in Mt. Vernon to celebrate. But one of the projects we're most excited about is a book curated by our friend Alex Fine called Hairy Baltimore.

The limited edition book contains 40 portraits of Baltimore icons with distinctive hairstyles by a bunch of great artists, including: Okan Arabacioglu, Derrick Dent, Donald Ely, Alex Fine, Daniel Fishel, Jimmy Giegerich, Andrea Kalfas, Daniel Krall, Hawk Krall, Jeff Lance, Cameron K. Lewis, John Macnair, Emma Maatman, Noah Patrick Pfarr, Sarah Pfeil, Thomas Pitilli, Jon Sperry, Hanna Viktorsson, Annie Wu.

And while we're excited because it's a great idea for project, we're also excited by this awesome portrait of me that Noah Patrick Pfaff did. (He also did a great portrait of our pal Raygun Robyn).

We can't wait to see the book and who got illustrated and by which artists. 


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