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Staff Holiday Picks!

Dina's Picks:

Journals of Spalding Gray by Spalding Gray
I haven't read this yet but I am a really big Spalding Gray fan and I know this book is going to make me cry and cry. This probably isn't a good thing to read if you aren't already familiar with his work, which if you haven't you are throwing your life away, go watch his movies right now.
Everything Volume 1 by Lynda Barry Lynda Barry continues to insist that everybody draw and have fun, which I think is a good idea. Even though this is really really early work it's still ringing with truth. It's totally solid. Also you get to see some doodles by Matt Groening.
Hark! a Vagrant by Kate Beaton I don't even like history one bit and I think this is one of the funniest books I've ever read. I bet if you liked history you would REALLY like this book. I challenge you to read 3 strips from this book and not want to read them all. If you don't buy this book you are stupid.
What the Hell are You D…

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Wednesday, November 23rd - 11am-6pm Thursday, November 24th - CLOSED
This Friday we'll have a little Double Punch Card Cocktail Hour! From 6-8pm, you'll get double marks on your Big Spenders cards, and we'll have drinks to help you out with the start of this holiday season.
This weekend is also when the lights start up on 34th Street! 
Lots of other merchants will be having special sales and hours this Friday as well.

John Waters Mail

John Waters Mail, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. The internet is full of misinformation. Shocking, I know.

But it IS true that we collect mail for John Waters at our store address. Make sure you have our current one and put his name on top:

John Waters
Atomic Books
3620 Falls Rd
Baltimore, MD 21211

We may still get it if you send it to our old address...but let's make things easier for everyone and get it right.

Elf Girl Book Event

Rev Jen is back in Baltimore this Thursday to read from her new book, Elf Girl! She'll also be showing a video short and we'll have adult beverages.

November 10th
3620 Falls Rd
Atomic Books

Summer Blonde by Adrian Tomine - November Book Pick

Our November Reading Club book is Adrian Tomine's Summer Blonde.

See you November 30th for the discussion - 7:30 at Atomic Books! New members are welcome at any time, and you get 15% off all the books for this year's Club titles. Join the Facebook Group for more discussions and updates.