Staff Holiday Picks!

Dina's Picks:

Journals of Spalding Gray by Spalding Gray
I haven't read this yet but I am a really big Spalding Gray fan and I know this book is going to make me cry and cry. This probably isn't a good thing to read if you aren't already familiar with his work, which if you haven't you are throwing your life away, go watch his movies right now.

Everything Volume 1 by Lynda Barry
Lynda Barry continues to insist that everybody draw and have fun, which I think is a good idea. Even though this is really really early work it's still ringing with truth. It's totally solid. Also you get to see some doodles by Matt Groening.

Hark! a Vagrant by Kate Beaton
I don't even like history one bit and I think this is one of the funniest books I've ever read. I bet if you liked history you would REALLY like this book. I challenge you to read 3 strips from this book and not want to read them all. If you don't buy this book you are stupid.

What the Hell are You Doing? by David Shrigley
David Shrigley is soooooo great. He can draw like the worst picture of a dog you've ever seen and then write two words next to it and now it's the funniest picture you've ever seen in your life.

Death-Ray by Daniel Clowes
I guess this is actually pretty old but if you don't have that issue of Eightball that this originally was then you need this. Death Ray is an awesome story that reminds us how great Clowes is at putting together an awesome story about creeps.

Untitled by Diane Arbus
The "Untitled" series of photographs by Diane Arbus are way more delicate and mysterious than her other stuff and that's really interesting. And sometimes they're real goofy. I get the feeling they were real fun to shoot.

Paying For It by Chester Brown
This is basically Chester Brown's diary about giving up on romantic relationships and instead taking up seeing prostitutes regularly. I didn't read all of the notes in the back because I don't care what Chester Brown thinks about the morality of prostitution, I just really liked the story and the way it was written and drawn.

The Future Is Wild Blindboxes
I went crazy when these came in, I can't believe they even exist. If you haven't seen it, The Future Is Wild is an amazing series that was on Animal Planet as some half-assed attempt to compete with that dinosaur show that was on Discovery Channel. It's insane nonsense. Do NOT watch the DVDs of it 'cause they totally screwed it up and made it seem legitimate which is not the point.

Lauren's Picks:

For the beginning reader: Taro Gomi Box Set
Gomi's illustrations are simple yet beautiful. In Spring is Here watch Winter change to Spring. Bus Stops tells the story of all the people that get off the bus. And in My Friends the child goes on an adventure with animals. Perfect for the young one in your life.

For the art/pop culture lover: Amazing Everything
Scott's illustrations are whimsical with a hint of wackiness. Campbell tackles pop culture with a wink and a nod. One of my favorites is The Cult Tree. Filled with characters like Indiana Jones, Catbus, Godzilla and Elvira it's a Where's Waldo of icons. I also like the Zombie Fair, a picture of zombies riding on brain rides and enjoying a day out at the fair.

For the baker: Milk
This book is for the more serious baker. Most recipes require multiple steps. They are worth it. The creations are amazing and original. The crack pie is awesome as are the corn flake cookies. Full of fun recipes and lovely photographs.

For the mixologist: The American Cocktail
Imbibe Magazine published this cocktail book that spans the states. Inventive drinks that are still down to earth. With a bit of history of the drinks this books is interesting as well as full of boozy fun.

For the traveler: 36 Hours
Taschen has collected the 36 hour column from The New York Times. I love the retro photographs. With suggestions for hotels and restaurants as well as the best stops to make this book is wonderful for the traveler or even for those that just like to armchair travel.

For the home cook: The Family Meal
This book is a collection of Ferran Adria's recipes geared towards those who don't want to spend hours in the kitchen with unfamiliar ingredients. The steps in the book are done in photographs making it easy to follow the recipes. The photos are also beautiful. With recipes as basic as Bolognese Sauce to more adventurous things like Crab and Rice Stew there's something for everyone in here. Each section is laid out as a complete meal with some being perfect for a party and some good for a Sunday dinner.


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