Sean Ford's Top 5 Comics Of 2011

This year, we asked a number of our friends who are also cartoonists and comics publishers and editors what their favorite comics of 2011 were.

Sean Ford is the cartoonist behind the series Only Skin.

Here's my Best of 2011 comix list. I included a few honorable mentions of my favorite comix that didn't actually come out in 2011. Happy New Year! -Sean

5. Freddy Stories by Melissa Mendes
A funny, thoughtful book about the child in all of us. Really great. 

4. Thickness #2 by various
A beautifully produced anthology printed on Ryan Sands' risograph, featuring some of my favorite cartoonists being naughty.

3. I Will Bite You by Joe Lambert
A visual knockout of a collection that shows Joe's growth into a stronger and stronger storyteller.

2. Lose #3 by Michael DeForge
One of the funniest and most devastating books I read this year. Dog 2070!

1. Love and Rockets: New Stories #4 by Los Bros Hernandez
I'll add to the chorus praising this book. I think Jaime has shown one of the absolute strengths of comics can be a long narrative that builds, changes and grows. I don't think many other mediums can claim a 30-year story like the one of Maggie, Hopey and Ray. Being along for the ride for the last 12 years or so of that ride has been awesome.

Honorable mention #1: King City by Brandon Graham
I wasn't able to track down copies of this book until TCAF in May 2011, but it became one of my favorite books of the year and possibly ever. I love its mix of inventive cartooning and humor within the gorgeous, intricate world Brandon made. The collection is out in February and it's, like, a must-buy.

Honorable mention #2: Gogo Monster by Taiyu Matsumoto
Another book I was late to which actually came out in 2010 or so. But it's a gorgeous and deeply creepy story of some kids at a high school, one of whom can see a "second world". Some of the visuals in this are really creative, some are down right scary.


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