Baltozine Roundup: Under The Radar Profiles Dan Deacon's Upcoming Album

In the current issue of Under The Radar (#40), the feature "In The Studio 2012" takes a look at a handful of hotly anticipated albums in 2012. One of the profiles is of Baltimore's own Dan Deacon, and his as-yet untitled next album due in June.

Progressing out from Bromst, this record features not only a lot of acoustic instrumentation, but a lot of musicians as well (more than 30 players).

Deacon explains this is going to be about protest music.
"The music is very much influenced by the landscape of the United States, and the beauty of the country," he explains. "The lyrics are very much about the frustration of what it is to be American in this time. And how you feel this constant impending doom and fear, but also a weird, non-tangible freedom."
... As the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring unfolded around Deacon, the the aforementioned socioeconomic issues took on greater urgency.
Ken Burns' The Civil War was also influential, as was Cormac McCarthy's grim The Road, resulting in lyrics that are in some places, he says, "Bleak as fuck. About the aftermath of all civilization, and the impending collapse of society."
The music, however... is mostly Deacon's trademark upbeat, anthemic sound.
Also in this issue is a review of Dustin Wong's new record, Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads (Thrill Jockey).
"...the album mines a hazy sonic netherworld akin to the works of Thrill Jockey labelmates Oval and Tortoise, and shares with them a steadfast devotion to the deconstruction of conventional rock tropes."
 Read the whole thing for yourself.

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