Al Burian & Mickey Hess Tonight At Atomic

Monday, April 9. 7-9PM.
Al Burian will be here to discuss and read from the new issue of his acclaimed zine, Burn Collector.
"Burian is one of our generation's great storytellers, a wily and insightful observer of the human condition." - Davy Rothbart of Found Magazine.
Joining him will be author Mickey Hess, who will be reading from his new novel The Nostalgia Echo and also presenting his other new book The Novelist & The Rapper (the first book to sample hip-hop interviews, Nobel Prize speeches, and Colonel Sanders' autobiography).
"THE NOSTALGIA ECHO is the best book you will read this year, or any year: the exact antidote to all those tired, humorless, beige-colored novels of recent memory, the writing here pops with both a dazzling intelligence and a devastating depth of character. Mr. Hess carries on in the great tradition of Vonnegut, D. Barthelme, and every other genius literary madman."—Joe Meno
Adult refreshments will be served.

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