Atomic Books T-Shirt Contest Winner

So we just ran a new Atomic Books T-Shirt Contest. Our judges narrowed down the designs to 3 choices - an outer space design by Box Brown, a Moebius tribute by Mike Shea, and two mustachioed gentlemen engaged in fisticuffs by Noah Van Sciver.

We then opened up the voting at our Retro Atomic 20 Years of Atomic Books Art show. The voting was fast and furious, and the ballots were counted and recounted.

We're pleased to announce the winner of the year's t-shirt contest is Noah Van Sciver's design.

We'll be making a limited edition batch of these, which should be available by the end of May. But you can pre-order now to make sure you reserve yourself one because once these are gone, they are gone.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and double thanks to everyone who turned in designs, many of which would make a fine shirt, but there can be only one winner.


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