Atomic's Beer Brewer In Mojo

In the current issue of Mojo (#222), there's an article about our pals over at Burnt Hickory Brewery.
"...we got a special jolt of shivers down the spine and goose pimples - not unlike having ones' first slug of barley wine as a teen, in a bus shelter - at the news that Burnt Hickory micro-brewery of Kennesaw, Georgia was making beer for Wisconsin sludge cards Killdozer. Burnt Hickory's Scott Hedeen adds they've also made ales for The Germs, Jesus Lizard, Die Kreuzen and more."
That "and more" also includes 2 batches of house brew for Atomic Books.

Unfortunately, we've drunk it all.

Be sure to like Burnt Hickory on Facebook for news & updates. 

(And tell them to make us more beer!)


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