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Best of Baltimore Magazine Cover Contest

Did you know that the crime map of Baltimore spells out "Best of Baltimore"? It was a secret message from criminals this whole time! (cover by Exit 10)
We have our favorite, vote for yours here.

Baltozine Roundup: Beach House, Lower Dens, and more

The new Under The Radar (#41) features a profile of Lower Dens by John Norris. Confusingly, the magazine identifies them as a Fort Worth, TX band even though we think of them as a Baltimore band (interestingly, so too does Lower Dens who list Baltimore as their hometown on their Facebook page). 
"The themes are not unrelated to the topics explored on the next album from Dan Deacon, Hunter's former Baltimore roommate, with whom she shared more than one lengthy conversation about such matters. But while the electro Pied Piper's assessments of the state of the world tend to be grim, Hunter's own view is more hopeful."

There is also a Beach House profile by Matt Fink.
"The way people listen to music is at the very heart of the varied interpretations swirling around the fourth Beach House record, and on first listen, Bloom does, indeed, sound fairly similar to Teen Dream. The same sort of dreamy guitars and keyboards color nearly every track, the same understated…

Memorial Day Hours

Monday, May 28th, we will be open 11am - 4pm!

Comics To Come

The second half of 2012 is shaping up to be an awesome one for alternative comics lovers. New books are promised by Robert Crumb, Dan Clowes, Chris Ware, Charles Burns and more.

Here is a list of 20 books currently slated to come out by year's end that we're excited to see. Please keep in mind that release dates are tentative, and in the world of alternative comics, tentative release dates mean super-tentative.

And we're regularly updating our Coming Soon section on our website with more awesome titles.

Chester Brown: Ed The Happy Clown (Drawn & Quarterly) Due out June 5.

Joe Sacco: Journalism (Metropolitan Books) Due out June 19.

Dan Zettwoch: Birdseye Bristoe (Drawn & Quarterly) Due out June 19.

Kevin Huizenga: Gloriana (Drawn & Quarterly) Due out July 3.

James Kochalka: American Elf Vol. 4 (Top Shelf) Due out July 25.

Seth: Pallookaville #21 (Drawn & Quarterly) Due out August 21.

Los Bros Hernandez: Love & Rockets: New Stories #5 (Fantagraphics) Due o…
release party with TOM NEELY & ED LUCE
Thursday, May 24.
7PM. Atomic Books.
Hampden, Baltimore. To celebrate the release of the new ongoing comic book series Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #1, cartoonists Tom Neely and Ed Luce will be here to show, discuss and sign copies. Adult refreshments will be served.