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The second half of 2012 is shaping up to be an awesome one for alternative comics lovers. New books are promised by Robert Crumb, Dan Clowes, Chris Ware, Charles Burns and more.

Here is a list of 20 books currently slated to come out by year's end that we're excited to see. Please keep in mind that release dates are tentative, and in the world of alternative comics, tentative release dates mean super-tentative.

And we're regularly updating our Coming Soon section on our website with more awesome titles.

Chester Brown: Ed The Happy Clown (Drawn & Quarterly) Due out June 5.

Joe Sacco: Journalism (Metropolitan Books) Due out June 19.

Dan Zettwoch: Birdseye Bristoe (Drawn & Quarterly) Due out June 19.

Kevin Huizenga: Gloriana (Drawn & Quarterly) Due out July 3.

James Kochalka: American Elf Vol. 4 (Top Shelf) Due out July 25.

Seth: Pallookaville #21 (Drawn & Quarterly) Due out August 21.

Los Bros Hernandez: Love & Rockets: New Stories #5 (Fantagraphics) Due out September 5.

Gabrielle Bell: The Voyeurs (Uncivilized Books) Due out September 11

Chris Ware: Building Stories (Pantheon) Due out October 2.

Charles Burns: The Hive (Pantheon) Due out October 9.

Noah Van Sciver: The Hypo (Fantagraphics) Due out October 17.

Johnny Ryan: Prison Pit Book 4 (Fantagraphics) Due out October 17.

Richard Sala: Delphine (Fantagraphics) Due out October 17.

Robert Crumb: The Crumb Compendium (Fantagraphics) Due out October 19.

Daniel Clowes: The Daniel Clowes Reader (Fantagraphics) Due out October 24.

Jim Woodring: Problematic (Fantagraphics) Due out October 24.

Adrian Tomine: New York Drawings (Drawn & Quarterly) Due out October 30.

Gary Panter: Dal Tokyo (Fantagraphics) Due out October 31.

Lilli Carre: Heads or Tails (Fantagraphics) Due out November 7.

Ron Rege, Jr.: The Cartoon Utopia (Fantagraphics) Due out November 21.


Mariel said…
Benn said…
It does suck that we haven't seen solicitations of more women cartoonists putting out books this Fall.

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