BaltoZine RoundUp: Dope Body, Will Laren & More

The Baltozine Roundup is a regular feature wherein we take a look at what national periodicals are saying about Baltimore-area arts, events, people, and places. Be sure to pick up the magazines to read the full articles.

Dope Body has a profile in Ghettoblaster #32, written by Andrew R. Fetter.
"To outsiders, music that originates in Baltimore, MD often gets lumped into the music that comes out of the D.C.-area. David Jacober, drummer for Baltimore-based noise rock band Dope Body, says the distinction between the two areas is very clear. 'Baltimore and D.C. are worlds apart from each other. There's a lot more open space in Baltimore to create. Plus D.C. kind of sucks to live in because it's a lot more expensive. There's not as much opportunity for much of an art scene, since artists don't have a lot of money.' ..."

Monster Children #35 has an interview with Baltimore cartoonist (and former Atomic Books intern), Will Laren.
"... I just draw things I find funny. Occasionally I'll do something that will deal more in satire than gross-out humor but I've never gone and tried to do a comic about something. I can't really think that way. I really hate when people shoehorn issues into their work. ... If you don't know a lot about something, you shouldn't try to comment on it. And I'm super ignorant, so I have no business commenting on anything. ..."

The new issue of Razorcake (#69) has a review of Sick Sick Birds' Gates of Home LP:
"What if The Cure were from Baltimore? What if Robert Smith sang almost-short-story songs about isolation, the ethereality of cultural status? What if songs were jotted down with a marker, waiting for a bus instead of melancholic bubbles of smoke? ..." -Todd


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