Baltozine Roundup: Outpost, MAD, Pig Destroyer, Beer and Tattoos

The Baltozine Roundup is a regular feature wherein we take a look at what national periodicals are saying about Baltimore-area arts, events, people, and places. Be sure to pick up the magazines and read the full articles.

One of the most anticipated magazines this fall has been Outpost #2.

Aside from it being an excellent art/design magazine that zeroes in on interesting cities, a major factor in interest for #2 is that this whole issue is focused on Baltimore.

Contributors include Dan Deacon, Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, Shaun Flynn, Rachel Monroe, Gary Kachadourian to name a few. And articles cover The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum, Twig Harper and Carly Ptak, The Baltimore Love Project, The Northeast Market, The National Pinball Museum, and, of course, National Bohemian Beer.

Editors Manya Rubinstein and Pete Oyler say:
"This tough and charismatic seaport city, famous in part for Old Bay, Hairspray and high crime, made quite an impression - at times, we felt as if we'd been coldcocked by the sheer intensity of the place, in other moments, we basked comfortably in the warmth of the enthusiastic, bold artistic communities who have chosen to call the city home. ... Full of diverse influences, from "Hons" (a Baltimore-specific moniker from the mid-1900s for vintage-glasses-wearing, beehive-donning, working class women) to lake trout (which is actually fried Atlantic Whiting) to lacrosse (perhaps the most popular sport in Baltimore) and Natty Boh (the local beer), there is no doubt that Baltimore has its own loud, proud voice." 

Local cartoonist Chelsea Carr has a comic strip in MAD Magazine #517.

Draft Magazine (Sept./Oct. 2012) has an article on pairing beer with Halloween candy in which they recommend pairing a Snickers with Frederick's Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout.
"The touch of brine in this oyster stout hones in on the peanut's saltiness, while the gooey nougat softens some of the beer's lactic sweetness. At the back of the swallow, roast and chocolate join hands in a perfect finish."

Decibel #97 has a cover feature on local band Pig Destroyer, complete with an article which is illustrated by a photo shoot of the band being hosed down. Wet Pig Destoyer!

From Nick Green's article, "Read Demons":
"If Blake Harrison ever ditches his day job as an audio engineer, he's got a future in Vegas. After a couple of aborted attempts, Pig Destroyer's resident electronics expert ignites the lighter fluid-soaked pages of a hardcover book and a controlled flame dances on top of the center. Harrison snaps the book shut with a casual flick of the wrist and the fire appears to be extinguished. After a few seconds, he opens the book once again and the flames shoot out. It's a pretty neat trick.

"'You're the Martha Stewart of book burning,' exclaims Scott Hull, as his bandmate disposes of the still pristine book in the fire pit in Hull's backyard.

"'Well,' grouses Harrison. "That's the first time I've ever been called the 'Martha Stewart' of anything."
But we can promise you, it won't be the last.

Tattoo Revue #159 has a huge feature on the Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention by Michele Osborne.
"This year, without surprise, was outstanding on so many levels, the sheer size alone was immense. ... There were a lot of great people to greet, meet and get unique pieces from, too!"

In Tattoos For Men #97, Michele Osborne also has a "Manly Tattoos From The Baltimore Tattoo Convention 2012" photo essay.

And finally, rounding out the tattoo trifecta, Skin Art #147 also has coverage of the Baltimore Tattoo Convention.


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