Holiday Picks Part 2: Baltimore Stories

Over the next few days, we'll be posting theme-based holiday picks lists for your shopping enjoyment. Here we have a Baltimore Stories Shoppers Guide!

And When She Was Good: A Novel by Laura Lippman
Mystery writer Laura Lippman's new hardcover, set in Baltimore, was largely considered one of her best. And our copies come signed by the author, while supplies last.

Baltimore Beer: A Satisfying History of Charm City Brewing by Rob Kasper
Kasper provides a lively, fun and fascinating history of beer in Baltimore. Why is Maryland called "The Free State?" What happened to beloved Baltimore beers? Why did Baltimore have such a rich beer culture for a significant part of the 20th century? Kasper answers all these questions with trademark storytelling charm.

Hey Cabbie Volume 1
Hey Cabbie Volume 2: There's Nothing More Real Than The Streets

by Thaddeus Logan
Thaddeus is a former Baltimore City police detective turned cab driver who has compiled his experiences into two utterly revealing collections that provide a peak into a city of people who have all kinds of problems and drama.

REDLINES: Baltimore 2028 - An Anthology Of Speculative Fiction by Jason Harris (editor)
This anthology collects fiction that speculates about Baltimore city in the not-too distant future. Will Baltimore still be "the Greatest City in America" 15 years? More importantly, will our mass transit Red Line be built by then? Peep into Baltimore's near future by a host of talented writers.

So Say the Waiters Volume 1: Episodes 1-5 by Justin Sirois
Sirois creates a fun tale based on an app that lets people submit to recreational kidnapping. Baltimore is as much a character as the cast of familiar city types we all know. The City Paper says that Sirois "is well on his way to becoming Baltimore’s most important novelist," and this novel is the fascinating, entertaining and fun proof in that pudding. It actually reads like a good HBO series, which makes total sense given the episodic nature of what Sirois is doing.


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