Holiday Picks Part 6: Stocking Stuffers

Over the past few days, we've been posting theme-based holiday picks lists for your shopping enjoyment. Here we have our final installment: A Shoppers Guide to Stocking Stuffers!

Atomic Books Corn Mug
They're biodegradable. They're made of sustainable US corn (a material that is sort of like an organic Bakelite). And they feature our logo. But really, the thing that freaks people out is the corn thing. "Really? They're made of CORN?!!" they'll say in disbelief. Yep. Corn.

Baltimore Rat Sticker
Baltimore Rat Magnet

Yes, we know Baltimore isn't the only city suffering from an infestation of rodents, but here, instead of doing something about the problem we take pride in the ownership of that problem. These stickers and magnets say, "Yeah, we know we have rats. Wanna make something of it?"

Dunny Figure (Series 2012)
Blind-boxed mini figures are the perfect stocking stuffer, and The Dunny is the king of the blind-boxed toy. It's especially fun to give these to people who have no idea what they are and then try to explain it to them only to watch them not get it until they actually open the box and see which figure they got. Within a matter of seconds they'll be double-checking to see if there's another in their stocking because they'll want to open that one too. Addictive is what we're saying.

Everything Is Terrible! DVDs
Hilarious video mixtapes in the vein of TV Carnage! You'll laugh at the terribleness of humanity!

Freddy Kreuger Plush Clip-Ons
Jason Plush Clip-Ons

Two of our most iconic, cinematic horror movie characters in adorable, miniature plush form, complete with a plastic clip so we can attach them to a bag and take them along with us.

Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats
We all know someone who likes to take too many pictures of their cats. Instagram, Facebook, hell, the whole internet is lousy with adorable cat pictures. This prop can help liven up an otherwise typical kitty porn photo while giving the cat a touch of well-deserved dignity.

Public Toilet Survival Kit
We've all been there - having to use that rest room we'd rather not have to use. Damn bodily functions! This kit, the size of a box of band aids, will nest away nicely an almost any bag and be ready for that moment when we most need it.

Unicornos Series 2 Figures
The second series of Tokidoki's Unicornos are just too damn adorable to not go over well. Miniature, blind-boxed, artist designed unicorns. What more could you what? A rainbow? Well a rainbow is not a stocking stuffer!


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