Atomic Books Special Announcement

Atomic Books turns 21 years old this year, and we have some exciting new plans to help us celebrate becoming a legal adult.

This Spring, our friends next door at doubledutch boutique are moving into a new location on the 1000 block of W 36th St. We and Celebrated Summer will be expanding into 3616 Falls Rd. Atomic Books will be the entire first floor of the Oddfellows Building.

One side of the first floor will be used and rare books and records, continuing our focus of contemporary art, graphic novels, small press literary fiction. Celebrated Summer will continue to carry punk, metal, indie, soul, reggae and have room to stock more new releases in vinyl. And also, we're adding a listening station!

In the back of the current Atomic Books location, the space of the record store and our office will be converted into a bar area for our events and clubs. We’re calling it the Dead Poets Society and it will be open during store hours. Dead Poets Society will also be a bottle shop where we'll be carrying our own Atomic Books beer as well as a selection of bottles related to music, comics and literature.

Stay tuned for more details!

UPDATE: We were kidding about the name.


Excellent news!
benginati513 said…
Lovin this news! Way to go, I would have done up a labeL!!
Quierra Wells said…
i want to host an event!!
Rhonda Jennings said…
I am thrilled to have recently discovered you in the city paper. Congratulations! I am looking forward to visiting.

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