This Week's Staff Picks

Here are some new titles that the staff at Atomic Books are way into this week.

Burgermat Show by Burgerac 
picked by Benn
The perfect collection for folks who like excellent burgers and excellent design! Presented as a pull off sheet of fast food tray liners, Burgermat Show collects the results from a London art show where a chef, a burger blogger and a group of artists all teamed up. You get 24 different pieces of burger art and recipes - perfect for hanging on the wall or using as placemats.

Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities by Guillermo Del Toro / Marc Zicree
picked by John
Del Toro's CABINET OF CURIOSITIES is an irresistible look at the acclaimed director's creative process, including selections from his personal sketches and notes as well as details about Bleak House, his office and home-away-from-home. Taken as a whole it makes a strong case for why Del Toro, with his mix of pulp inspiration and refined taste, is frequently called a visionary.

Iron Bound by Brendan Leach
picked by Julia
The book has a nice heft to it, and Leach's scratchy lines are fascinatingly reminiscent of french and italian illustration despite the subject material, american greasers. I like coming of age stories and this one is sort of a cautionary tale as well. Also it comes with a single, cut into a clear red plastic which really plays! Neat!


Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining: How to Make and Drink Whiskey by David Haskell / Colin Spoelman
picked by Mag
Ever wanted to distill your own liquor? The founders of the King County Distillery have created a beautifully illustrated history of moonshining and guide to creating your own liquors! -Mag Sabo

Loud Comix #1 by Jamie Vayda / various
picked by Haleigh
LOUD COMIX is a collection of comics written by punk rock heroes and illustrated by Jamie Vayda. This first edition features stories written by Sonny Harlan, Alan King, Frankie Nowhere and Erika Lane. 
Lying by Sam Harris
picked by Benn
In this short book, Harris explores the subject of lying. Is there ever a situation when it's appropriate to lie? Does a willingness to lie say more about the person who does it than they realize? It'll make you seriously reconsider statements like, "No, those clothes don't make you look ridiculous."

Ten Telephones by Ducky Doolittle
picked by Benn
It's been far too long since the name Ducky Doolittle graced a new zine - so Ten Telephones in itself is an event. But aside from that, Ducky uses the clever device of 10 different telephones over the course of her life to tell a well-written and engrossing autobiography.


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