Box Brown's 5 Best Comics Of 2013

As is our annual tradition, we invited a number of our friends who are also cartoonists, comics publishers and editors to tell us what their favorite comics of 2013 were. We'll be publishing them all over the next few weeks.

Box Brown was the founder of comics publisher Retrofit Comics. First Second is publishing his biographical wrestler comic, Andre The Giant: Life And Legend. Visit his website.

Missy by Daryl Seitchik
The Oily Comic/tumblr comic about a girl named Missy quickly became a favorite of mine this year. It’s got everything I like. Clean lines, spare cartooning, emotional connection, misfit kids. Yes, Missy has it all.

SF3 by Ryan Cecil Smith (Koyama Press)
Ryan Cecil Smith’s energy is palpable in this sci-fi comic. Purple gilded edges? Sold.

Arsene Schrauwen 2 by Olivier Schrauwen
I got the first two issues at the same time, but according to my research only the second issue came out in 2013. It’s transcendent cartooning, a thing of exquisite beauty that reminds me of just what the medium is capable of.

New School Dash Shaw (Fantagraphics)
I thoroughly enjoyed this mammoth hardcover. The dialect of the main characters alone made the book worthwhile. The pages are big and beautiful and allow the reader to become mesmerized by the story. It gives the story room to breathe.

Epoxy #4 by John Pham
This multi-platform comic is a few comics all in one. It’s the type of art object comic that can only be done in print. Plus, the colors, man, the colors.


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