Kelly Froh's Best Comics of 2013

As is our annual tradition, we invited a number of our friends who are also cartoonists, comics publishers and editors to tell us what their favorite comics of 2013 were. We'll be publishing them all over the next few weeks.

Kelly Froh is a cartoonist and one of the organizers of Seattle's Short Run small press festival. Visit her website.

Happiness Issue #3 anthology (Spithouse Press)
A really well-curated anthology, with dark and interesting stories and beautiful drawing. Offers diversity in styles in a good way.

Driftwood City by Jason Martin (self-published)
This is a collection of some of the best auto-bio comics I have ever read - from Jason Martin's mini-comic "Laterborn". Though I own all of them, I read this collection from cover to cover because all the stories are just so good. I said to myself, "Oh yes, Mr. Saurez!" like I remembered him from way back and not just from way back when I first read Jason's story about him. This book has a beautiful painted cover by Kane Lynch which sets the mood for these touching stories. Buy it at

Making Tide by Eroyn Franklin (self-published)
Beautiful and horrible stories by Eroyn Franklin. First love, bike crashes, the choreography of birds in flight.

Gridlords Anthology Series, “I’m Not Afraid To Love” and “Other Worlds” (self-published)
A great accompaniment to the Gridlords reading and performance series in Portland, OR, these little books are loaded with great stories and unique styles.

Real Good Stuff by Dennis Eichhorn/various (Poochie Press)
The return of Dennis Eichhorn and his amazing stories of hard living. Drawn by a new crop of young weirdo cartoonists.

Celebrated Summer by Charles Forsman (Fantagraphics)
A tale of 2 friends meandering along on hallucinogenic drugs. The way they regard each other rings so true of that age, that mix of boredom and wonder. Haven’t we all stared at ourselves in the mirror the way Wolf does?

Grixly 25 by Nate McDonough (self-published)
Completely original, weird stories; great, gory drawing - always a wonderful surprise.

Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life by Ulli Lust (Fantagraphics)
Coming of age that makes you squirm. Beautifully drawn story depicted with a punk touch. There’s nothing like naive bravery.


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